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The Storming (2015)

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Then came The Storming, in September 2015, and a book/cd published in 2017.

Ari Sitas described it as being about ‘the unresolved questions of home and

identity; of forced migrations and belonging; of finding a confluence between a

musical and a poetic craft that speaks to our predicament’. Looking back, he

reflects, ‘Perhaps, it is no longer sugar, spices and spikes that bring us together in

the Indian Ocean but a hope that we can find a homing despite the wreckage’.

Aditi Humna recalls the performances as follows: ‘The ship was rocking, the wooden

floor was creaking and the audience could sense the trepidation. An adaption of

Aime Cesaire’s Une Tempete, itself an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The

Tempest, The Storming finally unveiled its creative genius at the District Six

Homecoming Centre in Cape Town, after months of transcontinental

conversations. It brought together an ensemble of poets, musicians from India

and South Africa, with artistic influences from the Caribbean and Mauritius, such

as Dev Virahsawmy’s Toofan, to articulate the postcolonial angst across the Indian


All compositions by Ahsan Ali, Brydon Bolton, Jurgen Brauninger, Sumangala Damodaran, Sazi Dlamini, Pritam Ghosal, Reza Khota, Ncebakazi Mnukwana, Vivek Narayanan, Michael Nixon, Malika Ndlovu, Sabitha TP, Tina Schouw, and Ari Sitas.

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