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Sazi Dlamini - Composing with Jurgen Brauninger:1989-2019

"I first heard his name mentioned in 1986 when I started to play guitar in a band that included erstwhile students at the University of Natal Music Department. I remember the jazz saxophone student from Benoni saying – from inside a blue-grey, V–necked jersey he was pulling over his dreadlocked head on a cold windy day – ‘This is Jürgen’s jersey’. "

Check out Insurrections Ensemble's Sazi Dlamini's contribution to Herri where he shares about his experience composing with the late Insurrections Ensemble member, Jurgen Brauninger:

About Herri:

herri is an attempt to answer the question: What does decolonization look like in this age of hybridity? We discovered that there is not just one answer. herri is a soundmine of narratives, mythologies, ideologies, statements, ambiguities and ideas just waiting to be excavated. herri is merely one option among many. discontinuity is the contin- uity. disconnection is the connection. incoherence is the coherence.

herri is conceived, curated and edited by Aryan Kaganof published by Stephanus Muller for Africa Open Institute designed by Andrea Rolfes, Jurgen Meekel and Martijn Pantlin administrated by Hilde Roos

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